Meet Christine Steele

ChristinePosition: Executive Committee

Candidate: Christine Steele (incumbent vice president/membership)

Employment: Senior copy editor, The Capital Group

Residence: Pasadena, Calif.

How has the nominee contributed to ACES?
I have been a member for 12 years and on the board for 4½ years. I’ve developed PR for events within ACES, copy-edited the quarterly newsletter, presented workshops at conferences, and currently chair the Robinson Prize. For the past nine months I’ve served as VP of membership and welcomed new and renewing members. I am also running the mentorship program and answer many of the emails that come to our main email address.

What makes the nominee the best candidate for this position?
I’ve already been a part of making decisions for the benefit of the society and its members. I’m well-organized and have proven I can handle multiple tasks required of board members. I’ve also been interacting with members for the past nine months and managing the mentor program. I am committed to helping members as best I can to reach their goals and connect with each other, on a professional and education level.

If elected, what does the nominee envision for ACES during his or her tenure?
I hope to strengthen the membership numbers and bring more of us together through the mentor program and through our general membership. I’m trying to reach out more to our membership, and I’ve learned some great new ideas from new and renewing members. It will only benefit the society and make it more of an advantageous place for us to network and move ahead in our careers.

ACES now has the largest membership in its history — and the most diverse in terms of where its members work. Serving this membership takes money that used to be easier to come by. As a board member, how would you work to balance ACES’ income and expenditures? Be specific: Would you eliminate something ACES does? Seek different funding sources (and what would they be)? Raise dues? Something else?
ACES should pursue researching more grants and writing the applications and essays to apply. ACES offers so much training and can offer more during the year with the regional boot camps, but we need to find more grants to fund us. I see the value and importance of this role, because when we’ve received grants before the money was so needed and well spent on members and the education we brought to them. I want to help find those grants and continue to bring the best to our members.