Mentorship program

Thank you for your interest in our mentorship program. It has reached capacity already for this year, so we are not accepting new applications at this time.

We will also be revisiting our program and its requirements and plan to make some improvements. Stay tuned for an update.

If you have any questions, email Christine Steele at



Are you having a career crisis? Or do you just want someone to talk with about your goals?

The American Copy Editors Society has a mentor program for members. You can be just starting out, thinking about making a change or interested in climbing the corporate ladder and not quite sure how to take that first step. What matters is that you could benefit from another’s experience.

To apply for the program, send your name, contact information and a 500-word or less essay on what you hope to gain from a mentorship to Christine Steele, ACES membership vice president, at She’ll match you with a mentor who can best help you.

Here’s a description of how the program will work:

Mission: To open a channel of communication that allows ACES members to establish contacts to help them develop to their maximum potential. Principles of the program:

* Allow individual growth and development through a mentoring partnership.

* Enhance professional skills and personal capabilities.

* Follow a formal, two-way learning process. Mentoring is not spontaneous; it is a formal process.

* There is a 12-month commitment on behalf of the mentor; there should be a conversation at least once a month.

What is a mentor:

An experienced and knowledgeable person who participates in the development of another person through teaching, counseling, advising, coaching, supporting and networking with other people.

What is a mentee:

A person who may be less experienced in terms of career progress or specific knowledge in a profession.

Parties should:

* Agree to not divulge information until the other has given permission.

* Agree to speak what’s on your minds and be honest, to not let disappointments or misunderstandings fester and work together to resolve any conflicts in the mentorship.

* Commit to the success of the partnership.

* Stay on schedule and stick to the ground rules. If an emergency comes up, inform the other ASAP and reschedule immediately.

* Expect that the mentorship program administrator will contact you during the program to assist you in any way. We ask that you also participate in a follow-up with the administrator to help us evaluate the success of the program.