Corporate memberships

ACES now offers a corporate membership category to extend member benefits to more people in the business of preserving well-written, correctly punctuated and — dare I say it — readable language.

The ACES board put together this opportunity for employers to save money on memberships and on registration fees for conferences.

Corporate memberships are available for both the full and associate membership categories at a cost of $70 per person for a minimum of three members. This is a savings of $5 off the individual membership rate, more if you sign up for more than one year.

The discount is available for a group of three or more applicants submitted at the same time and paid for by the same employer.

A group must have one person designated as the contact manager for the group to facilitate dues billing and membership roster management.

Although ACES memberships are held in the name of the employees, the company retains the rights to the membership and can reassign to new employees if any or all of the original ones leave the company.

Each member of a group — composed of people who qualify for full membership (working copy editors; managers in the journalism industry with a copy editing background; teachers of journalism; and retirees from these categories) — gets a vote in ACES elections.

Three or more members employed by the same company who have joined as individuals can change their membership to corporate at the time of membership renewal.

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Corporate dues (per individual)

3-9 members 10-20 members >20 members
One year $70 $65 $60
Two years $140 $130 $120
Three years $210 $195 $180

Corporate/group membership application

Add a member to a corporate/group application

To renew a current corporate membership, sign on to the member center and use the membership link on that page.

For membership questions, email