Chapter workshop guidelines

If you have questions that aren’t specifically answered here, please contact ACES Treasurer Neil Holdway, the Executive Committee’s chapter liaison, at

Purpose: As stated in ACES‚ chapter bylaws, the primary goal of chapters and their activities is to increase awareness of copy editing and of ACES and to allow an outlet for copy editors away from regular work hours to discuss work issues and learn needed skills. Secondary goals include allowing copy editors the chance to network with employees of other newspapers and broadening awareness of copy editing to the general public.

Dues: Chapters, whether created for professionals or students, may not require annual dues of their members.

Prep work: Members of ACES‚ the Executive Committee and others who have helped organize regional workshops can provide more details, but decisions to be made in the planning stages of a workshop include:

  • Location
  • Date
  • Sponsors
  • Schedule (times, number of sessions, etc.)
  • Sessions (topics, presenters, etc.)
  • Fees to be charged
  • Meals

Registration: Chapters may charge a fee to people attending any workshops or chapter events they may hold. Fees may vary depending on the length and scope of the training and services provided. Any chapter event registration fee of more than $25 should be submitted to the national board’s chapters coordinator for approval. Fees should be lower for members of ACES. Attendees can join ACES when they register and get the member rate for the workshop.

Payment: For payment, chapters may accept checks payable to ACES. Chapters also may accept credit cards using a form to collect registrants’ credit card numbers, type of card (MC/V/Discover, etc.), expiration dates and signatures. Checks and forms should be mailed to the ACES treasurer.

Chapters also may have registrants pay their fees to a supporting institution, such as a newspaper or university, which then would issue a check of the total revenue payable to ACES.

Expenses: Certain expenses not covered by a supporting institution, therefore payable by ACES but covered by registration fees, are allowed, including:

  • For a daylong event: Continental breakfast, coffee/tea and juice, not to exceed $5 per person, and lunch with beverages, not to exceed $10 per person. Food and beverage purchases should be set by the number of people who register by a certain deadline, set as chapters see fit in order to secure such purchases by the event date.
  • For a half-day or shorter event, a light meal or snack with beverages, not to exceed $7 per person.
  • Only emergency photocopying and office supplies costing up to $100 and covered by the event’s revenues. It’s expected that supporting institutions would supply any other needed photocopying, supplies and presentation equipment if it is desired.

If such expenses are not covered by a supporting institution, bills and receipts should be submitted to the ACES treasurer for payment. If such expenses are covered by a supporting institution, their cost may be deducted from the revenue check sent to the ACES treasurer.

Workshop registration or sponsorship funds are not to be spent on fees charged by speakers.

A sponsor may opt to pay a speaker’s travel expenses, but workshop registration funds will not be used to cover such expenses.

ACES will not pay any expenses for workshop presenters or chapter board members, steering committee members or individual leaders.

Workshop presenters do not have to pay the workshop entry fee. Chapter board members, steering committee members or individual leaders, or those otherwise helping to organize a workshop, should pay the workshop entry fee, unless they’re presenting.

If fees are charged and expenses incurred, even if they go through a supporting institution, a report of them should be supplied by the chapter board, steering committee or individual leader to the ACES treasurer and chapter liaison. (Contact Neil Holdway for a sample report.)

Logistics: Chapters must not open any bank, credit union, mutual fund or brokerage accounts, or purchase any insurance policies because chapters are considered subsidiaries of the national organization.

Chapter board members, steering committee members, or individual leaders will not be reimbursed for any expenses not stipulated above. There will be no reimbursements for travel expenses or website costs.

Sessions: Regional workshop organizers should plan specific sessions and presenters far enough in advance to include details in promotional material. Schedules should be submitted to the national board’s chapter liaison as soon as feasible and at least three months before the workshop. The national organization reserves the right to veto sessions and presenters it feels are inappropriate.

Merchandise: All merchandise orders will be made by the national board’s merchandise coordinator. Chapters are not to order merchandise, including bags to hand out to workshop participants. Chapters wishing to sell ACES merchandise at their events must make a request to the merchandise coordinator, who will provide details on shipping and financial issues. Chapters do not make a profit on merchandise sales, and all proceeds go to the national organization.

Fundraising: Regional chapters are not to conduct fund raising other than for expenses related specifically to their regional workshops. Chapters should present their fundraising plans to the national board’s chapter liaison, who must make sure a chapter’s fundraising does not interfere with any fundraising the national board may be undertaking in the chapter’s region. The national liaison can provide a sample fundraising letter.

Regional workshops must not include silent auctions.