Professional chapter bylaws

I. Copy editors who are members of ACES may form a state or regional chapter of the Society at any time, as long as certain requirements are met.

A: An organizing meeting of all would-be members must be held before the group can be considered for acceptance by the Executive Committee. Not all members of the organizing committee, or those attending events, need to be members of ACES, although membership must be heartily encouraged.

B: The organization must have one person in charge, though that person may serve simply as spokesperson for a directorate of as many as seems practicable.

1: The structure of the organizing committee is to be determined by its members.

2: Officers or spokespeople must be members of ACES.

C: The new organization should avoid overlapping with existing chapters (although existing chapters should consider ways to accommodate new chapters, when appropriate).

II: Upon completion of organizing requirements and petition to the Executive Committee, the Committee may grant the organization the right to use ACES as part of its name and to act as an arm of the organization within its region.

A: The petition must be accepted by a majority of the Executive Committee.

B: The organizing committee, through its leader or spokesperson, must keep in communication with the Executive Committee through its chapters liaison.

C: The ACES Executive Committee may review the status of any chapter at any time.

III: Chapters may consider a number of activities, all with the purpose of forwarding the cause of ACES, as laid down in its bylaws.

A: The primary goal is to increase awareness of copy editing and of ACES and to allow an outlet for copy editors away from regular work hours to discuss work issues and learn needed skills. Secondary goals include allowing copy editors the chance to network with employees of other newspapers and broadening awareness of copy editing to the general public.

1: Chapters should consider activities within their scope, accepting more complex activities only as the organizations grow.

2: Chapters may meet on whatever schedule each considers appropriate, with the exception that no events that might compete shall take place within two months before or after the national conference.

3: Each meeting must include a mention of ACES and its goals, and membership information and other ACES news should be provided to all who attend.

4: Chapters must steer clear of fund raising and should rely on newspapers and other organizations within their territory to help with expenses.

a: Because of tax status, chapters are not able to offer tax write-offs, but newspapers and colleges often are willing to make donations, either in cash or supplies and services, to assist our chapters in developing activities that indirectly benefit their operations.

b: Any fee structures for events should favor ACES members over non-members.

c: Chapters may not carry anything more than a nominal balance in the form of operating funds. Any leftover funds after activities become part of the general fund of ACES.