Policy regarding use of ACES logo

The following is the American Copy Editors Society’s policy regarding the use of its logo on websites not affiliated or operated by the society, which includes use of the logo by members.

ACES members in good standing are welcome to display the ACES logo on their websites, as long as they respect the following guidelines:

  1. Altering the logo in any way or combining it with another logo, tagline or branded marking is forbidden. This includes but is not limited to changing the proportions, colors, typeface, resolution or orientation of the image.
  2. The logo may not appear larger than 400 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall without expressed consent of ACES.
  3. The logo may not appear on a black background or have “halo” effects added to it.
  4. Use of the tagline “Empowering Editors To Be Their Best” or “Empowering Editors” is prohibited.
  5. The logo should not be used in any way that implies ACES’ endorsement of a business or product.
  6. The logo must be linked to http://www.copydesk.org. We are happy to provide “code snippets” that you can copy and paste to a webpage below.

ACES, the owner and holder of the logo’s trademark, reserves the right to request removal of any logo that does not comply with these terms. Pursuant to 15 USC § 1114, unauthorized or illegitimate uses of this logo for the express purpose of commercial activity may constitute termination of membership or legal action.

Links to logos





The above logo is an example only. Do not copy it for website use. Please use the following links to display our logo. If you plan to store a copy on your website, please email Christine Steele at csteele@copydesk.org.

96 pixels wide by 25 pixels deep
PNG http://www.copydesk.org/logos/aces96x25.png
GIF http://www.copydesk.org/logos/aces96x25.gif

200 pixels wide by 52 pixels deep
PNG http://www.copydesk.org/logos/aces200x52.png
GIF http://www.copydesk.org/logos/aces200x52.gif

384 pixels wide by 100 pixels deep
PNG http://www.copydesk.org/logos/aces384x100.png
GIF http://www.copydesk.org/logos/aces384x100.gif

500 pixels wide by 130 pixels deep
PNG http://www.copydesk.org/logos/aces500x130.png
GIF http://www.copydesk.org/logos/aces500x130.gif

600 pixels wide by 156 pixels deep
PNG http://www.copydesk.org/logos/aces600x156.png
GIF http://www.copydesk.org/logos/aces600x156.gif

700 pixels wide by 183 pixels deep
PNG http://www.copydesk.org/logos/aces700x183.png
GIF http://www.copydesk.org/logos/aces700x183.gif

For questions regarding this policy, please contact Christine Steele at csteele@copydesk.org.